Event Story: Firestart your Social Impact in Dundee!

As part of the Firestarter Festival – an annual festival highlighting and celebrating innovation and creativity in the Scottish public service – our ecosystem partners, The Circle Dundee,are hosting a Social Impact Creative Session to investigate the good being done in their city. The Festival is curated and organised by The Scottish Government, with events hosted by a broad range of public sector, third sector and community organisations.

All Dundee-based organisations are invited to attend with a customer, employee, service user, or anyone who their work is intended to help. The event will have a particular focus on transformational change. Founder of Uppertunity Danielle Gaffney Du Plooy is facilitating the event and plans to make fully inclusive and accessible to all.

If you are thinking of starting an enterprise, this event will revolutionise the way you think about impact and what it means for business. The outcome of this event, as well as food for thought and a renewed sense of purpose, will be a community mural which will be displayed in The Circle.

The Social Impact Session will be held on 5th February at 9am, however the Festival runs until Februrary 8th so be sure to check out all that is on offer here!

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