A programme to support companies using the BIA
Our hypothesis:
Companies who access the BIA and measure their impact will naturally be more inclined to make improvements to their business (create more positive and less negative impact) and influence others to do the same.
Our job:
SCB tested and explored this hypothesis by walking alongside the companies over a set period of time (4-5 months) and finding out what happens
icon logo of lion with text reading ANIMALIA
Tony O’Neill
Smiling man with facial hair

Main Learning Outcome:

“You have to look at the bigger picture”


Animalia CIC's aim is to work primarily with disadvantaged young people and those suffering from mental health and other challenges to inspire them to be more confident, self-reliant and successful in pursuing their life ambitions. Through our Animalia Apparel brand of fightwear and sportswear, we aim to generate funding to support people from all walks of life and all kinds of communities across Scotland. Our business model eliminates the middle man and offers creative clothing designs that are both functional and eye-catching.
On using the BIA

“I can’t say one specific thing happened for us, it was just going through the whole BIA process: the penny dropped many times and I realised what we are trying to do and thought about many things I need to do going forward.”Location: Glasgow
Highest Impact Area: CUSTOMERS

icon logo of circular pattern with text CHOCOLATE TREE
Ali Gower
Smiling man with facial hair wearing jumper

Main Learning Outcome:



We create award winning craft chocolate, connecting our customers with the whole process and origin through authentic transparency. Our products are timeless and visually stunning works of edible art crafted with dedication and passion.
On using the BIA

“We’ve had reassurance that we are thinking in the right way and there is support and encouragement for businesses to have positive environmental and social priorities and policies. Using the BIA is likely to contribute towards us being in better relationship with all our stakeholders. I can also see how it will put us in good stead should we have investors or partners in the future.”Location: East Lothian
Highest Impact Area: COMMUNITY

logo with text CRAFT DESIGN HOUSE
Gillian Scott
Smiling woman with scarf

Main Learning Outcome:

“Prioritisation of focus”


We are the first Bespoke Design House devoted to transforming exceptional stories into tactile experiences. We work with leading hand-selected designers and craftspeople, creating exclusive collections across accessories, fashion and interiors for the heritage, hospitality and corporate sectors.
On using the BIA

“As an early stage business, it was a great help in organising and formalising what we needed to achieve to have more structure in recording and measuring our social impact of the business. The breakthrough came as soon as we started to go through the process and recognised this could be our designer maker and client accreditation form.”Location: Edinburgh
Highest Impact Area: CUSTOMERS

Eve & Philip Broadis
Smiling man and woman wearing smart clothes

Main Learning Outcome:

“Validation and inspiration”


Fair Trade Scotland is a Social Business, limited by guarantee, without charitable status and without shareholders; committed to sustainable economic development through trade not aid.
On using the BIA

“We believe it is essential to move away from maximising profit and focusing exclusively on the bottom line, pricing etc – and to think in terms of People, Planet, Profit. Measuring the impact your organisation has is integral to this. So stop thinking and start measuring – especially as Scotland is a Fair Trade Nation! Transparency, honest and open working is crucial if we are to engage in a really meaningful way with consumers who are looking to buy responsibly. Being able to show the impact this has on the lives of producers is crucial for us to build a Trusted Brand.”Location: Glasgow
Highest Impact Area: CUSTOMERS

Logo with text SMART STEMS
Olivia El-Attar
Smiling woman wearing hoodie

Main Learning Outcome:

“Formalising for growth”


SmartSTEMs exists to ensure as many of our young people as possible are exposed to the full breadth of their career opportunities and ultimately, that they get every chance to realise their full potential. SmartSTEMs provides equal access to inspire and realise the full potential of future generations, facilitate cost effective collaboration with industry and education to develop the next generation of talent and create and maintain inclusive and open partnerships to deliver social value and opportunity.
On using the BIA

“SmartSTEMs now has a detailed structure of points revolving around Governance, Community, Environment and Workforce to achieve within one year as a team. This structure has changed both the ethos and attitude of our team to work towards making SmartSTEMs bigger, better, more sustainable and compliant with achieving goals within a well known recognised Assessment. We are committed to bettering ourselves and ensuring we use the assessment to contribute towards this.”Location: Glasgow
Highest Impact Area: COMMUNITY

logo with text SUSTAINABLY
Loral Quinn
Smiling woman wearing scarf and coat

Main Learning Outcome:

“Impact measurement as a planning tool”


Sustainably is a fintech for social good company. We are on a mission to make it easy for individuals and businesses to have a positive impact every day.
On using the BIA

“You should start the BIA today – it is really helpful in developing how you think about impact across all areas of your organisation, and creating a framework on how to get there. You can demonstrate the impact you’re currently having, and create goals to help enhance your impact even further going forwards. That you need to know all the answers at the outset is a myth. Purpose Pioneers highlights that the BIA can be used as a simple tool that can be revisited and help the planning process: I believe it would benefit lots of businesses.”Location: Edinburgh
Highest Impact Area: GOVERNANCE

Logo with text SQUAREBOOK
Joe Sluys
Smiling man with facial hair wearing suit

Main Learning Outcome:

“Becoming more mindful”


SquareBook addresses the capital-raising needs of high growth firms in the UK and beyond, introducing an innovative new approach to the IPO process. We reduce complexity, increase transparency and ensure fairer outcomes for the benefit of firms and investors alike.
On using the BIA

“Going through the BIA showed us that we can be perhaps a lot more “mindful” about all aspects of our business and that in doing so, we can achieve impact in many more ways than we initially thought. We will have more focus on taking a holistic approach to the businesses and how we can demonstrate we are working towards excellence in a number of areas.”Location: Edinburgh
Highest Impact Area: CUSTOMERS