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BIA Tool Pack

BIA Overview - This 3 page document was prepared by our team to provide an overview of the B Impact Assessment tool.
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BIA Guide - This practical step by step guide of the B Impact Assessment tool was prepared for organisations to onboard and better understand the impact measurement tool and applications. Includes sample questions. Recommended for team meetings.
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Case Studies

Purpose Pioneers - This bespoke document was prepared to provide an overview of the Purpose Pioneers Programme, how it was designed and what Scottish companies took out of it after 4 months engaging with the BIA.

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Business Talks

Growth Paradox Davos 2019 - Is there a paradox or are profit and purpose inextricably linked?


A learning-contract employment

Realizing the value of purpose

Optimism for Corporate Goodness

SDGs & Business

A November 2018 conversation between the charity BLab and the MNC Danone, discussing the changes in leadership and KPI's in business. Watch


Reconnecting with original mission

Awareness in Leaders

SDGs integration to BIA


Scottish Ecosystem

2016 - Bart Houlahan visits Scotland for the CAN DO Assembly, sharing the changes in business: stakeholder to shareholder value, shift in consumer behaviour and ethos and role of B Corps.
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Dec 2018 - Scotland CAN B & Social Enterprise Scotland host #SharedValues evening at Finisterre shop on George Street.
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Nov 2018 - "BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says within the next 5 years all investors will measure a company's impact on society, government, and the environment to determine its worth"
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Jan 2019 - BlackRock CEO Larry Fink  2019 Letter to CEO's "Purpose and Profit"
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