We aim to foster a nationwide culture of business as a force for good, as a catalyst for place-based systems change.

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Scotland CAN B (SCB) was launch in 2018 as the first nationwide programme of its kind to combine a nation’s vision to become a leader in innovation & entrepreneurship with a global movement to drive business as a force for good.

Since then we have engaged businesses, intermediaries, educators, investors, policy makers, and entrepreneurs on the journey to increasing awareness, understanding and management of impact.

Inspired by B Lab's Best for Cities - and joined by the new global initiative Cities CAN B we are a programme which widens know-how across cities and nations to foster systemic change - in line with the Scottish National Performance Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In August 2020 we published our Learnings Report where we outline what we have learned so far about ecosystem work and systemic change. Due to COVID we have narrowed our current offering for 2020/21 to the Impact Journey Trainings for Business Advisors and Consultants. Please visit our Engage Page to learn more.

Impact Expertise and Contributors.

We thrive ideating with incredible professionals who contribute their time and expertise (Working Group and Ecosystem Partners) to the co-design of our products for Scotland. This constant work allows an execution throughout the year with growth in participants and success across sectors.

Project Management

Delfina Zagarzazú

Elle Adams

Kali Gibson


Tim Hartley, Impact Ready

Josiah Lockhart,  First Impact

Katie Hill,  B Lab Europe

Chris Turner,  B Lab UK

Cities CAN B Global Team

Contributors Impact Journey

Sarah Deas, Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Fran Van Dyk, One Stone Advisors

More to come!

Strategic Partners.

B Lab UK is a non-profit that provides B Corp certification for UK-based organisations that use business as a force for good. Values are based on positive impact on society and the environment, and how each business promotes constructive, action-led change towards a fairer and more inclusive economy. This is done by reaching a threshold using the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous set of measures that consider workers, governance, environment, community and customers. Once certified, businesses become part of global community of more than 2,500 other B Corps in over 50 countries.


Scotland CAN DO is a shared statement of intent towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation. It articulates an ambition, shared with public, private, and third sector partners, to see Scotland become a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation.The principle that growth and innovation go hand-in-hand with wider benefits to all of society - that growth should be for more than growth’s sake – is embedded at the core and underpins a range of work throughout Scotland’s rich ecosystem.



First Impact supports enterprises to embed social and environmental impact into the heart of their business. Drawing upon the wider knowledge and experience of the Firstport for Social Entrepreneurs Group, which supports entrepreneurs develop over 1100 ideas every year, FirstImpact offers a consultancy service to early-stage and growing enterprises helping them to understand how to embed social and environmental impact whilst remaining a sustainable business..


Cities CAN B is a global movement of cities working to be more prosperous, sustainable, inclusive and resilient, by facing the global challenges embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals, but acting locally, responding to the most relevant issues of each city. Cities CAN B engages all the participating sectors of the city; citizens, companies, government, entrepreneurs, social innovators, academia and civil society, to promote together a cultural change that redefines the way we assume our responsibility and our impact on the cities we build and inhabit.



Our Ecosystem Approach

We have worked to capture the learnings from our last 3 years explaining our methodology and theory of change (see our report under Resources). This has strengthened our focus to provide a fresh offering (Impact Journey and Impact Culture) based on feedback and ambition of our stakeholders. At the heart of it lies constant communication with the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem to deliver collective intelligence. If you would like to get involved don't hesitate to reach out below through our Contact Form.

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Please reach out with any inquiries or if you'd like to collaborate. We look forward to hearing from you.