Impact Culture



We believe real, lasting, transformation of our economic system requires deeper introspection into the worldview, mindset and values which underlie the system that we are trying to change.


Scotland CAN B's Impact Culture offerings create the spaces and opportunities for a wide range of actors in the Scottish business ecosystem to come together, taking time for reflection and conversation, in order to cultivate a truly systemic approach to change.


We are committed to working collaboratively and systemically to cultivate greater coherence of language, tools and visions for using business as a force for good, and building a impactful Wellbeing Economy in Scotland. This approach is supported by our core & guiding value of interdependence. The outcomes of this Impact Culture work are fed directly into the materials for our Impact Trainings, which in turn contributes towards accelerating and deepening our collective positive impact for the benefit of all.


Coming up: Impact Leaders Co-Design Sprint

We host co-design sprints with Impact Leaders from across the Scottish entrepreneurial community and beyond to engage the collective intelligence of the ecosystem towards refining and deepening our Impact Trainings materials. Our intention in taking this inclusive, systemic approach is to be able to integrate the most comprehensive and cutting-edge insights, resources and expertise into Scotland CAN B's training resources for the collective benefit of all.

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Impact Leaders Weekend

Scotland CAN B’s Impact Leadership Weekend is an immersive retreat in the Highlands. Set amongst the backdrop of the wild and beautiful Scottish coastline, it is an opportunity for our strategic partners to take a deep dive into Scotland CAN B’s ambition, interspersed with facilitated nature-based sessions designed to add another dimension to exploring our individual and collective values building a nationwide culture of business as a force for good.

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Impact Leaders Fireside Gatherings

Monthly gatherings hosted in Edinburgh by our delivery partners certified B Corp Living Alive, designed to help foster a regenerative culture among Impact Leaders in Scotland. These lightly-facilitated evening gatherings are for those working at the leading-edge of positive social and environmental impact to (re)connect, nurture wellbeing, and talk about what really matters, set within a nourishing nature-based context.

Currently paused due to COVID. Please contact for updates


Place-based Business Impact Ambassadors

The Scotland CAN B team have shared their insights with a range of global audiences; from curious polititians inspired to follow Scotland's lead in leveraging business as a force for good on a national scale, to grassroots communities of systems thinkers keen to share best practices in engaging cross-sector audiences. We are proud to share all of our learnings with an open-source ethos, so that other place-based initiatives may benefit and learn from our journey, as we work interdependently towards building an environmentally restorative, socially just, and economically inclusive future for all.

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