Who we are

Delivery Team

Scotland CAN B is delivered by a small, dedicated, and passionate team of independent impact consultants. 


Elle Adams
Impact Culture Lead
& Interim Programme Manager

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Kali Gibson
Impact Trainings Lead

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Tim Hartley
Facilitation & Storytelling Lead


Delfina Zagarzazu
Programme Manager
(currently on maternity leave)

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As an an unincorporated entity, the Scotland CAN B initiative is supported by FirstImpact, part of the Firstport for Social Entrepreneurs Group, which provides the secretariat for the initiative.


FirstImpact supports enterprises to embed social and environmental impact into the heart of their business. Drawing upon the wider knowledge and expertise of the Firstport for Social Entrepreneurs Group, which supports entrepreneurs to develop over 1100 ideas every year, FirstImpact offers a consultancy service to early-stage and growing enterprises helping them to understand how to embed social and environmental impact whilst remaining a sustainable business.



Scotland CAN B's work is informed and supported by a range of national and global strategic partnerships.


B Lab is a non-profit organisation that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Lab's vision is of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, B Lab's global network creates standards, policies, and tools for business, as well as certifying companies – known as B Corps – who are leading the way. To date, the B Lab community includes over 3,500 B Corps, in 70 countries and 150 industries, and the 100,000+ companies who manage their impact using B Lab's B Impact Assessment and SDG Action Manager tools.



Scotland CAN DO is a shared statement of intent towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation. It articulates an ambition, shared with public, private, and third sector partners, to see Scotland become a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation.The principle that growth and innovation go hand-in-hand with wider benefits to all of society - that growth should be for more than growth’s sake – is embedded at the core and underpins a range of work throughout Scotland’s rich ecosystem.



Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) Scotland is a place-based hub of the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance, aiming to help build a wellbeing economy in Scotland. Across the country, the purpose of the economy and dominant model of growth is being reconsidered. WEAll Scotland works with partners to drive change by co-creating, testing, and lobbying for alternative policies, practices, and models, and looks to identify the cross-sectoral opportunities for fundamental economic systems change.



Cities +B is a global movement of cities working to be more prosperous, sustainable, inclusive and resilient, by facing the global challenges embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals, but acting locally, responding to the most relevant issues of each city. Cities +B engages all the participating sectors of the city to promote together a cultural change that redefines the way we assume our responsibility and our impact on the cities we build and inhabit.